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to this very unique lifestyle change programme – using hypnosis to help you achieve positive results and success with a difference!

World Famous Alan Bates, Master of Hypnosis, will be in Malta and the UK to give you the support you need to enable the lifestyle changes necessary to lose weight.  


The suggestions will help and enable you to choose a healthy balanced diet, cutting out sweets, chocolates, lowering carbs and reducing portion sizes, cutting out snacks between meals and will give you the motivation you need to exercise and of course to help stop you from emotional comfort eating.

It is advisable to attend REGULARLY to reinforce the powerful Hypnotic suggestions until you are on track. It is also a good idea to purchase one of Alan's professional Audio .mp3 session backup so that in between your regular workshop you can take time out to listen to the Hypnotic recording from Alan, which in itself is a powerful tool to accompany the programme. This can be used as often as required and instructions are given with the Audio.

If you are serious about Losing Weight then this programme can be Life Changing.  The benefits of Losing Weight will make you feel better within yourself, reduce health issues and raise your self esteem and confidence.

As Alan always says, "Hypnosis is not a magic wand, it will not work with everyone" – but he does achieve Fantastic Results and I am sure many of you will be back with exciting stories of how you are changing your lives! So let’s do it!


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