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This site will guide you and give you the information you need to help you change your life.  Alan is a UK registered Hypnotherapist and has over thirty years’ experience and specialises in Smoking Cessation, Phobias, and Stress Management.

Did you know? If you have a psychological issue by re-training your mind you can change your whole lifestyle and start seeing the results fast.  Don’t just take our word for it, positive results speak for themselves.

Personal one to one session
Depending on the psychological therapy required a confidential session may be the correct way forward if your problem is of a private sensitive nature then this is the only way to deal with it.

The Lose Weight, Stop Smoking and Stress & Anxiety group sessions concept is simple, come along to one of our affordable meetings at our holistic studio in Wallasey, Cheshire and see for yourself if it will work for you? Everyone attending is likeminded and the atmosphere is friendly, casual and everybody is sharing the same goal, to suceed! There is absolutely no need to be shy or embarrassed. The session lasts just over 1 hour.

What to expect

After a friendly welcome, Alan will give an interesting comprehensive talk on the power of the mind and a short psychological explanation (not rocket science). He will induce a state of very deep relaxation.  Once in this state of mind healthy suggestions will be made to the subconscious mind which will change the processes and habits that have been part of your daily life on a very deep level putting you on the right track  enabling you to suceed.  

Ready to book a session? Please read the information on the Q & A page first!

"Alan Bates Changes Lives"  - The Times

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